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Consultant in the "Epicenter K"

Khristenko Yuri. Phone: 050-310-50-09

Addresses of hypermarkets "Epicenter K", which sold products of LLC "NIKA Company":

1. "Epicenter K" Kiev, str. Okruzhnaja, 1B

2. "Epicenter K" Kiev, ave. Grigorenko, 40

3. "Epicenter K" Kiev, str. Berkovetskaya, 6-B

4. "Epicenter K" Kiev, str. Poljarnaja, 20-D

5. "Epicenter K-1" Kiev, str. Bratislavskaya, 11

6. "Epicenter K-8" Kiev, str. S. Bandera, 11A

7. "Epicenter K" Brovary, str. Kievskaja, 253

8. "Epicenter K" Kharkiv, str. Heroes of Labor, 9A

9. "Epicenter K" Chernivtsi, str. Hotinskaja, 10

10. "Epicenter" Rivne, str. Makarova, 17

11. "Epicenter" Odessa region., P. Mizikevicha Ave Zhukova, 99

13. "Epicenter K" Sumy, st. Kruty heroes 1/3

14. "Epicenter K" Ivano-Frankivsk, st. Ivasyuka 17

15. "Epicenter K" Odessa, Ovidiopolskoe shosse, 1

 Co LLC "NIKA Company" network construction and business hypermarkets "Epicenter K" began in 2009. Products of our company successfully implemented in the departments of "Metal" hypermarkets "Epicenter K" in different cities of Ukraine. Buyer provided the most diverse commercial equipment brand "NIKA". In general, these elements of the "Universal" - a multifunctional trading system that ensures optimal exposure of virtually all goods and industrial group. But here you will find not only the "Universal".

 Our range of products supplied to departments "Epicenter" is constantly growing and improving. Recently, the attention of buyers were offered a variety of supports and frames for office tables, farm for the production of spatial structures, information desks, showcases, counters and island construction.