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       Counters for shop windows for the store - a traditional form of commercial equipment, from childhood accustomed to each of us. This is the part of the shop interior, without which you can not do in any direction of the trade - from the sale of mobile phones and computer equipment, cosmetics and perfumes, medicines and food to watches and jewelry.

       Trading windows made of glass - the face of each store. In a spectacular showcase any product looks in the best form. Bright, sparkling showcase attracts the eye of the buyer, forcing him to stop and look closely at the product. Probability of purchase at the same time increases noticeably.

       The main functions of the counter and display - storage and display of goods. In this case, all the goods must be presented at its best. Quality commercial equipment while playing a crucial role. It is unlikely that someone will draw a rough, and even more broken or dark counter showcase with unwashed glass.

       Therefore, all those who decided to furnish your shop counters and displays, we recommend paying attention to commercial companies "NIKA". Here you can easily order sales counters and showcases any purpose. Our experts will provide you with the best solution for the formation of retail space in your store.

       For the manufacture of counters and displays, we use a variety of materials: glass, MDF, aluminum profile. Satisfy the most refined taste our revolving display system "Orbit". Our designers will help you choose designs and colors that will meet corporate style or your individual wishes. Display cabinets of "Nika" - is a commercial equipment for jewelery shops, equipment for pharmacies and opticians, business equipment for shops stationery. They can be used as items of equipment salesrooms on the clothes, shoes, sports and children's products, etc.

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