• Clothing shop

       Why "begins" store? With goods that "quietly waiting for" the buyer or beckoning with his windows and mannequins? Yes, it is correctly chosen and arranged sales equipment for the clothing store is the key to the success of sales and purchases. The eyes see, hands reach, goods purchased.

        For example, the most important trading equipment in the women's clothing store is the dressing mirrors. A commercial equipment such as tables for the display of goods, showcases for accessories, island, wall and wall equipment will only complete the masterpiece of your shop floor.

       Buy commercial equipment for clothing store brand "NIKA" you can order from us the design project as separate elements and the whole department or shop, followed by its manufacturer to its own production base.

        Trading system, proven as the optimal multi-functional system that provides exposure of virtually all goods and industrial group, including clothes - a system of "Universal": rack and tie, creating a framework for the installation of attachments, most attachments (rods, brackets and hooks), shelves (chipboard, glass, metal), podiums.

        Frameworks "Technomage", "Gondola" can be placed over the entire space salesroom, and their use for clothing and footwear, handbags and other accessories, allows the buyer to see the complete image, and thus encourage the acquisition of several things at once, so needed in the locker room.

        On the submitted photos you can see the equipment in operation. With more than a detailed description of the above and other systems can be found in the "Directory" and get on the phone or in the office of a qualified advice from our experts (designers, engineers, managers).

  • Shoe shop
  • Baby-goods store

    Commercial equipment for children's clothing store


    Funny and unique world of childhood filled with enthusiasm, spontaneity and magic. Point of sale, selling goods for children, must comply with this fun and carefree atmosphere. In most cases, children's shops come with the whole family. While parents are looking for the necessary things, ask the price, measurements are applied to children's shoes and jackets, their little companions absorbed in the study of the whole new world around them and of course toys ... Therefore, children's goods store equipment must be original, aesthetic, functional, affordable and absolutely the most safe for the little brats.


    Buy ready-made, and most suitable for such purposes, commercial equipment for a children's store, you can have. Designed and manufactured by our experts trade equipment for children's clothing store will be an additional incentive not only to parents but also their young dandies and ladies, which will encourage the purchase in your store. Because we have created Toylands no one will come without the coveted toy.


    Be sure to pay attention to our trade "Universal" system, "Universal 30", "Ekspopaneli". Of these elements can easily gather near-wall shelves for children's shop on the basis of the L-shaped counters, island gondola on the basis of the T-shaped pillars, convenient shelves for toys, much more equipment, which has repeatedly and successfully applied in stores specializing in the sale of children's products . Used rack and tie, creating a framework for the installation sample, itself attached equipment (rods, brackets and hooks), shelves (chipboard, glass, metal), podiums, pedestals.


    The following photos show the equipment for children's stores in operation. A more detailed description of these elements, as well as our other trading systems that can be used as commercial equipment for a toy store, you will find in the "Catalogue" section. Expert advice on all your questions, you can contact our specialists. To do this, use the phone (numbers are listed at the top of the page) or drive up to the company's office. We are waiting for you!

  • Sporting goods store

        Sporting goods stores are gaining popularity steadily. Fashion on the active and healthy lifestyle, have greatly expanded their target audience.

        Equipment for sporting goods stores depends on the product line of the store, its squares and other indicators that underlie design and engineering solutions to our specialists. Range of products provided, in turn, depends on the season, so shop equipment should be in a state of readiness at all times of the year. The most popular items in the sports shop will be racks, rack for clothes, shoes, sports equipment and items of equipment. A sports equipment such as hoops, racquets, snowboards, skis, sleds, bikes, skateboards, surfboards is difficult to place in a traditional setting with standard brackets. There will need innovative solutions. Sports nutrition and more convenient to place small accessories using glass windows and shelves.

        Area, interior features dictate room arrangements: wall, wall, island. Efforts of designers are played niches, columns. 

        Buy equipment for sports store that satisfies all these requirements, you can get from us. It is such a reliable and mobile shop equipment is eveloped and produced in the company's "NIKA", examples of real-world use of which are shown below in the photo. This systems such as: "Universal", "Universal-30", "Universal-60", "The Rock".

        For more information about these and other systems offer receive from our experienced professionals (designers, managers), call or drive up to the office.

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  • E-store
  • Jewelry store, beauty salon, watch store
  • Hardware Center
  • Drapery
  • Museums, showrooms
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