31 July 2015

Near the station M "Darnitsa", in the building of "Children's World", opened a new store «Babypark», where, in addition to traditional products such as a stroller or car seat, and also presents samples of children's furniture and accessories from leading manufacturers. All products exhibited at trade equipment brand "NIKA".

14 July 2015

Trading network «ARBER» continues to develop dynamically. 10.07.2015 was the opening of a new store in Dnipropetrovsk on the street. Karl Marx Str. 34 b.

For many years, the company "NIKA" is a partner of TC «ARBER», helping to solve their domestic problems and creating a new convenient service formats.

10 July 2015

July 9, 2015 began working in the Peak Sport Shop shopping center "Globus". Sport and casual clothing and footwear under the brand PEAK perfectly located in the new store in the commercial equipment brand «NIKA».

Congratulations partners with discovery.

22 June 2015

June 19, 2015 at the Center for Trade "Darynok" opening of the largest in Ukraine, the world famous brand Outlet Colin's.

Company "NIKA" manufactured sales equipment for the new discount store with an area of 883 m.

01 June 2015

The company "NIKA" resumed cooperation with a network of shops "Multisport" - representing sports and casual clothing and shoes under the brand PEAK. We look forward to the opening of their new store in the shopping center "Globus".

PEAK brand began its own development path in 1989. Peak Sport Company is the official sponsor of the basketball federations and associations, as well as the World Tennis Association (WTA).

Since 2015 PEAK - official sponsor and supplier of equipment Ukrainian Olympic team.

We expect a continuation of the brilliant victories of Ukrainian sportsmen, and even more intensive growth of brand awareness PEAK after the European summer Olympic Games in Baku and the Olympic Games in Rio.

01 June 2015

Компания «НИКА» возобновила сотрудничество с сетью магазинов «Мультиспорт» – представляющих спортивную и повседневную одежду и обувь под брендом PEAK. С нетерпением ждем открытия их нового магазина в ТЦ «ГЛОБУС».

Бренд PEAK начал свой путь развития в 1989 году. Компания Peak Sport является официальным спонсором баскетбольных федераций и ассоциаций, а также мировой ассоциации тенниса (WTA).

С 2015 г.  PEAK – официальный спонсор и поставщик экипировки Олимпийской сборной  Украины.

Мы ожидаем продолжения блестящих побед украинских спортсменов и еще более интенсивного роста узнаваемости бренда PEAK после летних Европейских Олимпийских игр в Баку  и  Олимпийских игр в Рио.

29 May 2015

The company "NIKA" the end of May has been manufacturing and installation of commercial equipment for TC Arber - one of the largest manufacturers of men's clothing business in Ukraine.

Almost simultaneously opened new stores in Zhitomir, Nikolaev and Ivano-Frankivsk. Retail sales network Arber - is already more than 80 stores in 21 cities of Ukraine.

30 April 2015

April 29, 2015 the company «NIKA» visited the largest industry forum with 8-year history of "Spring Fair best retail recommendations." It meets all of the retail business in Ukraine: large and medium retail, suppliers and distributors, vendors and companies providing services and solutions for businesses, government officials and the mainstream media.

05 March 2015

Lovely Ladies!


with the long-awaited

after a long winter afternoon - Spring Festival!

May each day in your life

will be full of sunshine, happiness and spring mood!

Suppose that every day of your life

mental harmony reigns,

youth and beauty will be your companions!

Let there always surround you

well-being and happiness!


With love and respect,

men's team "Nika company"

23 December 2014

Dear friends!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Please accept our best wishes for health, happiness, peace and goodness.

Let the New Year bring to your home comfort and understanding,

and Christmas fill your heart with joy and love.

Remembering the past year, we thank you for your cooperation.

We hope that our partnership will continue

strengthened and joint success - to grow.

Happy holidays to you!


The team "Nika Company"