05 December 2016

Multi megastore F'91 famous Ukrainian holding Arber Fashion Group opened in the SEC Lavina Mall. Its total area of 600 square meters. M. The new stores TM Arber are created in accordance with the popular concept abroad easy shopping - a convenient layout, intuitive navigation, affordable prices, large selection of clothing lines and a wide range of sizes. Commercial equipment for the new concept stores Arber produces the company "NIKA".

24 November 2016

The company "NIKA" manufactured and installed commercial equipment in the department of "Military" in the shopping center "Epicenter" on the street. Crystal, 6. The updated store format will please fans of hunting and fishing.

14 October 2016

At the end of October 2016 will be the opening sections of the world famous network of sports shops "INTERSPORT" in the shopping center "Epicenter K" in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv. Commercial equipment brand "NIKA" will facilitate the choice of quality clothes and shoes for their favorite sport.

30 August 2016

The shopping and entertainment center HOLLYWOOD, Chernigov, one of these days will be opening a new store sportswear and casual wear, shoes and accessories of the Official Sponsor of the Olympic team of Ukraine, the brand PEAK SPORT. Specially company "NIKA" for our regular partners has developed and installed a brand new exclusive commercial equipment.

08 July 2016

It continues to expand and update a network of non-supermarket format mass-market "territory of the minimum price." Beginning in 2010, a chain of stores represents goods for sports and recreation, you can find there a wide range of clothing, shoes, accessories as well as products for children. Each store retail chain - a modern store for the whole family, which has a large trading area, equipped forces "NIKA" company.

16 June 2016

In the SEC "Hollywood" Chernigov opened a new store "WEEKENDER" - a new franchising project GK Sportmaster & Marathon. This multi-brand apparel retail chain and footwear for outdoor activities. store format - a conceptual multi-brand in Outdoor & Style category, which presents the new collections of brands: Northland, Columbia, Hi-Tec, Jack Wolfskin, Termit, Billabong and others, helps to create commercial equipment brand "NIKA".

30 May 2016

Not so long ago, already famous shops "shket", Chernigov, increased their opportunities - Trade Area and range - three times. Now there are not only toys, but also clothes, shoes, stationery and more. Commercial equipment "NIKA" brand helped create a classic children's supermarket.

06 May 2016

Construction SEC LAVINA MALL, located at ul. Berkovetskaya, entering the home stretch. By the beginning of the fall is scheduled grand opening of the large-scale project in the commercial real estate industry in the country.
NIKA offers all prospective tenants SEC LAVINA MALL summer discount of up to 25% on our trade equipment. We guarantee fast delivery and installation of high-quality equipment.

18 April 2016

SALE !!!

There is a sale of trade and exhibition equipment, second-hand. In the presence of windows, tables, cabinets, advertising stands and much more in excellent condition! Big discount!
For information please contact us by phone office. (044) 496-69-97.

14 March 2016

The company "NIKA" continues cooperation with TM "Giulia". Congratulations partners with the opening of a new department in the "Gulliver" shopping center. New collection of tights, footless tights, leggings, hosiery look great in our commercial equipment.