02 May 2017

"MARGO" - the first in Ukraine chain of furniture stores in the hypermarket format, will open a furniture store in Odessa, in the "Riviera" shopping center, at the address: Fontanka, South road 101a. The network of hypermarkets of furniture «MARGO» is not just furniture stores, they are new level stores for modern and progressive people who help the buyer to realize the dream of a house. In what our company "NIKA" actively took part, having made for the network MARGO the trading equipment.

28 April 2017

On April 28, 2017, the opening of the "Vash Vybor" trade network store of the "Premium" class was held at the address: Minsk, Pobediteley Avenue, 11. "NIKA" together with our Belarusian partners ODO "VIVA-SYSTEMS" manufactured equipment for this A network of shops engaged in the sale of goods and property, which was converted into state revenue.

25 March 2017

The company "NIKA" congratulates our partners - the chain of stores "Ekstrem Style", with the completion of works on equipping the store at ul. Glubochitskaya, 53.
This is a huge 4-storey store, where everyone will find a lot of good things, any sporting goods, from socks for skiing to skiing and boarding.
As always, "Extreme Style" represents the best brands, traditionally high quality, the largest assortment, but now also affordable prices!

09 March 2017

    Today our company is 25 years old! We are waiting for your congratulations, gifts and, of course, your orders!

06 March 2017

Lovely Ladies!


with the long-awaited

after a long winter afternoon - Spring Festival!

May each day in your life

will be full of sunshine, happiness and spring mood!

Suppose that every day of your life

mental harmony reigns,

youth and beauty will be your companions!

Let there always surround you

well-being and happiness!


With love and respect,

men's team "Nika company"

27 December 2016

In mid-December 2016 to complete the reconstruction largest hypermarket Zakarpattya - "Epicenter K" in Mukachevo. On the general area of 10 thousand. sq. m. Add another 6.9 thousand. sq. m. retail space. Increase children's goods department "EPIC", has opened a new department of sports goods "Intersport", the department updated "military" and others. As always, shop equipment for the updated Market manufactured and installed the company "NIKA".

26 December 2016

Dear friends and partners!
The staff of the company "NIKA" congratulates you on the coming New Year and Christmas! Let the New Year will bring you prosperity, strengthen faith in the future, bring peace, health and prosperity in your family! Let success always be your faithful companion! We wish you joy, patience, harmony, kindness, and good luck! May all your dreams come true! Happy New Year!

16 December 2016

In the new area of the converted hypermarkets "Epicenter" in Ivano-Frankivsk offers visitors updated sections: "INTERSPORT", "Military", "ZOOGRUPPA", "CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS", "TILE SHOP" equipment which has made the company "NIKA" . In the opening days of the buyers are waiting for a variety of events, contests, gifts and entertainment, opened Christmas Fair.

16 December 2016

December 17 the residents and guests of Bucovina awaits new shopping center "Epicenter" in Chernivtsi. About 13 thousand. Sq. M. more space, new departments, increased range of products - all waiting for buyers and guests. "NIKA" The company has installed equipment in the departments "INTERSPORT", "Military", "CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS", "TILE SHOP".

10 December 2016

Since December 2016 commercial equipment "NIKA" the company will be sold in department 40 "Metal" in "Epicenter" in Ivano-Frankivsk. The department equipped with display stands, allowing to explore the look and functionality of our products.