18 March 2020

Like all, we keep a close eye on the latest developments in the spread of the coronavirus and take steps to prevent the spread of the infection.


We have decided that our sales staff will work remotely as much as possible. They can be contacted as usual by phone or email.


Delivery of products by our transport will be carried out in the usual way, taking into account the general situation in the country.Our drivers use personal protective equipment.


Regarding the procedure for loading your lorries in our warehouse: Your drivers must always be wearing a face shield. If this condition is not met, our company has the right to refuse to download.


We are grateful if you also visit PPE when you visit our office.


Thank you for your cooperation and trust! We wish you health.


Sincerely yours, NIKA COMPANY LLC

22 January 2020

Company "NIKA" wholeheartedly congratulates the Partners with the opening of a new office! On behalf of the team of our company, we want to thank you for the joint partnership and your choice - office equipment of the NIKA brand! Further development to you!

24 December 2019

Dear Partners!
Receive heartfelt congratulations on New Year and Merry Christmas!
May these wonderful winter holidays be joyful and generous, add vitality, cover your soul!
May the New Year be rich for you, generous for success and good luck! We wish that your work is always needed and useful, and successes are important and convincing!
The coming year be bright, happy and peaceful, and the Nativity of Christ will fill your heart with love, hope and faith!
Happiness to you, further professional achievements, peace and harmony in the family. Warmth and light in your home!

Yours sincerely, NIKA COMPANY

23 September 2019

A new SPORT CITY store was opened in Konotop. Famous brands of sporting goods are favorably represented on the trading equipment manufactured by NIKA. Congratulations to the Partners with the opening, we wish you further development!

05 August 2019

The "NIKA Company" manufactured and installed commercial equipment in the new "Svit Sportu" store at 3 Pobedy Ave., Kiev, The Sports Network has been in existence for over 20 years and represents the leading global Salomon brands in Ukraine, Atomic, Wilson, Suunto, Patagonia, Asics, KJUS and Luxilon.

27 May 2019

The opening of a new store “SPORT CITY” took place in Kropyvnytskyy. SPORT CITY is a network of multi-brand clothing and footwear stores for outdoor activities and sports, which has been actively developing for more than 10 years and opening up more and more new stores throughout Ukraine.
SPORT CITY demonstrates the most famous world brands: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Skechers, Asics, Radder, Columbia, Merrell, O'Neill, Outvencher, Jack Wolfskin, WHS, which are favorably represented, thanks to the NIKA trade equipment.

04 March 2019

March 1, 2019 the opening of the updated store of our partners, the network of military stores PROF1GROUP. At the hem, on the street. Frolovskoy, 3/34, opened the store 'REKRUT'. It presents a huge assortment of military clothing, equipment, shoes, protective equipment, weapon accessories. Trading equipment brand NIKA designed, manufactured, installed specifically for PROF1GROUP. Congratulations to the partners with the discovery, we wish for further development and prosperity.

25 February 2019

A new Atomic Salomon Outfit Center has opened in Bukovel. It presents equipment for winter sports, a wide range of equipment for snowboarding, mountaineering, cross-country running and many other sports. Here everyone can pick up equipment and equipment of their level. And the trade equipment “NIKA” has created a space that unites several brands and allows you to make the sport closer and more accessible

28 December 2018

Dear partners!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Please accept our best wishes for health, happiness, peace and good.
May the New Year bring comfort and mutual understanding to your home, and Christmas will fill your heart with joy and love.
Recalling the outgoing, we thank you for your cooperation.
We hope that our partnership will continue to be strengthened, and the overall success will grow.
Happy holidays to you!

29 October 2018

A new sportswear and footwear store SPORT CITY, one of the numerous network of multi-brand stores representing goods for outdoor activities and sports, has opened in Dnipro. High-quality products for everyday style and professional sports are perfectly demonstrated on high-tech equipment of the brand "NIKA".