28 December 2018

Dear partners!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Please accept our best wishes for health, happiness, peace and good.
May the New Year bring comfort and mutual understanding to your home, and Christmas will fill your heart with joy and love.
Recalling the outgoing, we thank you for your cooperation.
We hope that our partnership will continue to be strengthened, and the overall success will grow.
Happy holidays to you!

29 October 2018

A new sportswear and footwear store SPORT CITY, one of the numerous network of multi-brand stores representing goods for outdoor activities and sports, has opened in Dnipro. High-quality products for everyday style and professional sports are perfectly demonstrated on high-tech equipment of the brand "NIKA".

08 October 2018

We want to present one of our works for the company “CITADEL”, which is the leader in the retail and wholesale trade in building and roofing materials in Kharkov and the Kharkov region. A large assortment of high-quality products of foreign and domestic manufacturers is advantageously displayed on the trade equipment of the NIKA brand.

05 October 2018

Congratulations to the Network of military stores tactical, field clothing and equipment "PROF1 Group" with the opening of the new store "POINT" on the street. Dragomanov, 31.
The company "NIKA" manufactured and installed exclusive equipment for the demonstration of samples of military uniforms and equipment from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers.

04 October 2018

Equipment brand "NIKA" is now in Iceland, Reykjavik. Congratulations to our partners with the opening of a new store. The products of the world brand "ASICS" is known for its high quality and convenience. The philosophy of ASICS is already in its very name, the abbreviation of the famous saying: “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, which means “healthy mind in a healthy body”.

16 March 2018

Earlier this year, our company manufactured and installed high-quality equipment in the new stores of the Wrangler network. Non-standard, stylish commercial equipment, made in view of all wishes of the Customer, emphasizes the quality of the popular brand. Congratulations to our partners on the opening! A huge selection of original and comfortable clothes is now available in Lee & Wrangler's branded shops in Kiev at the PYRAMID SEC and in Lviv at the VICTORIA GARDENS SEC.

09 March 2018

In the few years that I know you, you have created a lot. It's not just new equipment systems, new sales markets, new people in your team. You created happiness: hundreds and thousands of customers develop their business with good equipment, which means that their families and their families are happy. And we are happy that we can work with professionals in their field.
Thank you for your daily work.
Yours faithfully,

26 December 2017

We heartily congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and Merry Christmas!
We want to wish you a smooth and prosperous road to success, clear goals and long-term plans, family happiness, high prosperity and unchanging luck. That you and your loved ones are healthy and happy, that love surrounds and fills you and your home!
Let this year be good and happy for all of us.
Happy holidays to you!

The collective "NIKA KOMPANI"

23 August 2017

We would like to express our gratitude to Nika LLC, in particular, to V.Buglak and the chief designer of the company, Krivoshee V.I., for making a circus props (pedestal), for the participation of the acrobatic duet "Miracle" in the most prestigious international circus festival in Monte Carlo . The pedestal turned out to be very beautiful, practical, stable, easy to transport, with minimal weight and very easy to assemble and disassemble. Thank you very much to everyone who helped in its manufacture.
Sincerely, Honored coach of Ukraine Irina Zherdeva, Evgenia Obolonina, Roman Khafizov.

27 June 2017

The company "NIKA" has developed and manufactured trading equipment for the Asics Tiger store, which opened in the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center. Shop Tiger - a place where you will find clothes and shoes for every taste, created for your comfort, suitable for urban life and trips to nature.