15 November 2021

Pay attention to the period of the quarantine, in order to ensure the possibility of travel for our employees, the working hours of our company have changed: the beginning of the working day is 8:30, the end is 17:00.

21 October 2021

NIKA COMPANY LLC thanks you for your cooperation and expresses deep gratitude for the trust you place in us by purchasing our products on a regular basis.
We are forced to inform you that due to the rise in price of basic raw materials, packaging materials, energy, there is a need to increase the price of our products by 15% from November 10, 2021.
We ask you to treat this situation with understanding, because it is a forced measure.
We hope for fruitful cooperation.

05 April 2021

During the quarantine period, the NIKA COMPANY office operates in a limited format.
All visits are by appointment only.
Contact telephones: (044) 496-69-97, 050-387-20-65, 050-447-89-65.
Thank you for understanding.

22 February 2021

We congratulate our partners on the opening after the renovation of the military store "Polygon", st. Aviakonstruktora Antonova, 2/32, building 5. Now, thanks to the trade equipment "NIKA", the store has a modern premium design in a new format, it, as always, presents a wide range of military goods of world and domestic brands.

22 December 2020


17 December 2020

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


OPERATING MODE of our company for the winter holidays:
December 30 and 31, 2020 - days off.
Winter break quarantine:
January 8-24, 2021.


Our employees will work remotely whenever possible.
You can contact us by Viber 050-447-89-65
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We wish you good health and all the best!

08 June 2020

On Kyiv Day 2020, Retroville shopping and entertainment center opened at Vinogradar - the city's first modern multifunctional shopping and entertainment center with a lifestyle concept. More than 250 stores of famous brands presented their products, many of them on trade equipment of the "NIKA" brand, for example MORO, SHKET & FAINA, E.PIC, SPORT CITY.
SEC Retroville is everything and even more!

18 March 2020

Like all, we keep a close eye on the latest developments in the spread of the coronavirus and take steps to prevent the spread of the infection.


We have decided that our sales staff will work remotely as much as possible. They can be contacted as usual by phone or email.


Delivery of products by our transport will be carried out in the usual way, taking into account the general situation in the country.Our drivers use personal protective equipment.


Regarding the procedure for loading your lorries in our warehouse: Your drivers must always be wearing a face shield. If this condition is not met, our company has the right to refuse to download.


We are grateful if you also visit PPE when you visit our office.


Thank you for your cooperation and trust! We wish you health.


Sincerely yours, NIKA COMPANY LLC

22 January 2020

Company "NIKA" wholeheartedly congratulates the Partners with the opening of a new office! On behalf of the team of our company, we want to thank you for the joint partnership and your choice - office equipment of the NIKA brand! Further development to you!